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The Investor (Partners)Microfinance institutions MFIs

From the point of view of potential investors, investments in MFIs are much more attractive than bank deposits. Increased attractiveness of the product due to the high interest rate of up to 438% per annum. Yield of 0.8-1.2% from the deposit of the day! Payments every day!


If you are already a registered member, or active investor and want to earn more, the offer of cooperation from our company you will be interested.

The company offers three-level affiliate program, which includes two types.

the First type is 8%-4% -2% one-time assessment of the Deposit partner!

the Second type: 15% -10% -5% daily income.

Thus, members can build a huge referral structure and get a steady income without investing funds.


Everyone already has some skills in selling, because selling is something you face every day, but you have the opportunity to develop these skills and strengthen your position in negotiations and transactions.

This place is exactly:

For you if you are just starting your career or looking for a way to improve their skills.

For you if you are unemployed and want to find their place under the sun; or you have a job, but you dream of increase.

For you — if you have an idea that can bring happiness to all mankind, or if you just want to improve your relationships with others.

Work will make you happier and your life better, because with it you will be able to gain credibility, to become richer, to achieve recognition of your work, improve relationships with friends and family, learn to play a major role in all negotiations, and, of course, become a specialist in the sale.

The company offers three-level affiliate program, which includes two types.

The first type is 8%-4% -2% one-time assessment of the Deposit partner!
The second type: 15% -10% -5% daily income partner!

The benefits of this partnership in company Rich Investments INC. LTD

  • Free registration. For opening a personal account takes only 2 minutes.

  • The opportunity of obtaining income without the active Deposit.

  • The opportunity to develop and build a huge partnership structure for multi-level program.

  • A stable and regular income along with your partners.

  • Full information on the activities of your partners in your personal account.

  • Operational partners technical support, advice and assistance on any issues.

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