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The Investor (Partners)Microfinance institutions MFIs

From the point of view of potential investors, investments in MFIs are much more attractive than bank deposits. Increased attractiveness of the product due to the high interest rate of up to 438% per annum. Yield of 0.8-1.2% from the deposit of the day! Payments every day!

About us

Fund Rich investments INC. LTD is organized by the largest enterprises and leading commercial organizations. The purpose of our Foundation is the constant search for the major companies offering micro-credit for both individuals and legal entities. Our Fund co-finances these companies, with the aim of obtaining further income from current assets.

Growing stagnation, economic collapse and the negative investment trend worldwide, leading to frequent use of microfinance services. Companies offering similar services are opening daily. Over the past three years, every fourth person in Europe to use the services of microfinance.

What is microfinance?

Microcredit — one of the possible types of financing, consisting in the issuance of small loans to private people or companies that do not have access to credit elsewhere. The problem can be different factors: negative credit history, lack of steady employment, or other factors. As a rule, the interest rate in these companies is much higher compared to traditional banks.

What we do?

Company Rich investments INC. LTD is actively looking for companies offering services of microcredit around the world. We are actively Fund them and profit on a regular basis. At the moment we lend to partners around the world. Our customers are companies from the United States, Australia, England and Russia.

A large number of companies offering microreversibility are credited from various sources. Methods such as: loan of funds from the banking sector, loans from private financial organizations or other methods. We offer the most favorable conditions for these types of organizations.

What do we offer?

Investment Fund Rich investments INC. LTD looking for all possible ways to become a major financial lender to the companies, mikrofinanzierung individuals on a permanent basis. Shareholders made a General decision, giving the opportunity to take additional private investment, minimize your credit interest rate for our borrowers and increase income through the use of “economies of scale”. Additional investment will help us to become a leading player among the competitors.

Sincerely Rich investments INC. LTD


Why we

    Optimized investment plan, which offers investors daily charges in the amount of 0.8-1.2%. Read more about our investment package can be found in the tab “Investors” and in masonry “Partners” information to increase the profitability.

    Microfinance industry at the moment is one of the most promising investment market. However, the large MFIs, which can be a reliable and profitable partner for a long time, not so much. Rich investments INC. LTD is one of the few companies that meet the high standards of the market!